Community Outreach

Alabama: "The Ugliest Clone" and Other Local Stories

Alabama Public Radio, Tuscaloosa

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Alabama Public Radio (APR) is engaging its community with accessible stories that contribute to scientific literacy in the area of genetics, and which inspire deeper appreciation for and understanding of local efforts in the area of genetics research and their practical applications.

Broadcast elements include five sound-rich radio features broadcast during Morning Edition and All Things Considered and five television news features produced for a commercial media partner. A few of the intriguing titles: The Worm Shack, The Ugliest Clone, What’s In a Name, After Tuskegee and What About God?

APR is also coordinating story development with local newspapers and supporting a full-featured, dedicated Web presence.

With three transmitters and three translators, Alabama Public Radio reaches more than a million listeners across 60 percent of Alabama. As the sole public radio service in some rural areas of the state, APR serves its diverse community with an eclectic weekday schedule that combines the state’s largest offering of NPR News/Talk with classical music and evening jazz. Weekends offer news, entertainment and an “only-in-Alabama” mix of blues, country, bluegrass, acoustic and the old-time music that would be familiar to most grandparents.