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Minding the Brain

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Designing the Garden: Food in the Age of Biotechnology

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Beyond Human


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Rewriting Heredity: Environment and the Genome

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The Heat Is On: Evolution in Action


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Donata Vercelli on Asthma Genes and the Environment

14:06 minutes (7.43 MB)

The DNA Files producer John Rieger talked with Dr. Donata Vercelli, Assistant Director of the Arizona Respiratory Center at the University of Arizona. Dr. Vercelli says that not only is asthma genetically complex, but that it also clearly shows evidence of genes that work differently based on the environment.

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Rick Potts on Climate Change and Human Evolution


20:29 minutes (11.73 MB)

In this interview from The DNA Files documentary “The Heat is On: Evolution in Action,” producer Adam Burke talks with Rick Potts, Director of the Human Origins Program and Curator of Anthropology at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution. Potts talks about the revolutionary idea that global climate change was a driver of human evolution, as well as a driver of extinction of other hominids. Potts argues that Homo sapiens’ ability to use culture to adapt to a variety of environments and climates lead to our successful dispersal throughout the world. But what does our current influence on climate portend for our future success as a species?

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MS Swaminathan on GMOs

16:31 minutes (11.37 MB)

In this interview from The DNA Files documentary “Designing the Garden,” producers Julie Grant and Adam Burke talk with MS Swaminathan. Swaminathan is considered the father of the Green Revolution in India. He discusses his views on genetically modified crops and the relationship between the Green Revolution and the Gene Revolution.