About the DNA Files

The DNA Files Team [not present: Loretta Williams]

Hosted by John Hockenberry and guided by an outstanding panel of advisors, the documentaries and features explore the science of genetics and its ethical, social and legal implications. Produced by SoundVision Productions and distributed by National Public Radio, the series has met with wide acclaim across the country.

Staff & Producers

The DNA Files has brought together some of the most outstanding talent in public radio: producers, editors, researchers, scholars and others. More


SoundVision consults a team of esteemed advisors as we develop our radio programs and web content. More

Funders & Partners

Major funding for the 2007 series is provided by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Our partners for the 2007 project include the Exploratorium, the American Association of Museums, the Association of Science-Technology Centers, the North American Association of Environmental Educators and the SPRY Foundation. More


The DNA Files, produced by SoundVision Productions, brings compelling stories to public radio, the Web and the community — to illuminate emerging issues and their ethical, legal and social implications. More


The DNA Files series offers listeners and Web users an informal education in the genomics revolution and follow-on research and technology, its scientific underpinnings, and related social, philosophical and legal issues. More

Community Outreach

Bringing The DNA Files Closer to You

From Philadelphia to Fresno, our community partners are putting a local spin on The DNA Files — through radio coverage, hands-on activities, town hall meetings, a summer science lab for kids, and... More about the DNA files