About the DNA Files


Now in its third series, Peabody Award-winning The DNA Files continues its dedication to the public good. Goals include to:

— Produce accurate, balanced and engaging programs for radio broadcast and Internet applications in ways that will help stimulate involvement in the subject matter by individual citizens and community groups.

— Convey understandable yet in-depth, nuanced and balanced perspective on cutting-edge scientific research and technology; describe related economic and public policy issues; challenge societal misperceptions about science and genetics, and scientists themselves.

— Reach across the U.S. demographic spectrum to include public radio audiences that do not usually have the chance to hear in-depth information about leading-edge science and its relevance to their lives. In this series, we will particularly concentrate on ethnic minority populations and rural communities historically underserved by the media.

— Show the scientific method in process.

— Explain leading-edge and complex research, including that which examines biological organisms not as isolated parts, but as an integrated system.

— Provide clear and accurate explanations of biological concepts.

— Introduce social, ethical, legal, economic, and public policy questions related to emerging discoveries and applications.

— Show how these discoveries affect listeners’ lives

— Offer a spectrum of responses and views

— Provide tools for critical thinking about these topics.