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Science and industry increasingly intertwine in all areas of genomics, from developing research tools to investigating ideas to marketing drugs. Includes: the food industry, the biotech industry, lobbying, patents, the pharmaceutical industry, marketing, regulation, conflicts-of-interest, and the history of business and economics in genomics.

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Patents and Genomic Medicine, David P. Lentini; Stephen A. Bent , (2004)
A biotech lawyer explains that it's not just patents on genes, but also patents on the technologies used to manipulate and study them, that could slow development of new drugs.
Biotech Industry Primer, Biotechnology Industry Organization , (2002)

Read the biotech industry's primer on “Genome and Genetic Research, Patent Protections, and 21st Century Medicine.” Part of a larger collection about intellectual property.

Web Sites

Access Excellence: About Biotech, National Health Museum , (2007)
Want to learn what biomining is? Ever heard of Herman the Bull? Head over to this educational site run by the National Health Museum (and originally created by biotech giant Genentech), and find out different ways that companies are applying genetic technology to everything from livestock to orchids. Along with information on careers in biotech, you can find articles on bioethics and a good section on the history of biotechnology from 6000 BC to today.
The ELSI Working Group, National Human Genome Research Institute , (2007)
The NIH-DOE Working Group on the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of Genome Research — its full name is a mouthful, but ELSI is the premier source for information on the ethical, legal and social implications of genetic research.