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John Rudolph

1998 Series
Gene Therapy

July 2004:

As a journalist and producer John Rudolph has focused on health and environmental issues. He has explored topics ranging from family planning in Brazil to the impact of AIDS on mothers and their children. His credits include work for Monitor Radio, the New York Times, CBS radio, BBC World Service, UPI, the Associated Press, and National Public Radio.

John currently reports for NPR's Living On Earth and for the Boston Globe, as well as other radio programs and publications. His achievements have been recognized with numerous awards, such as the National Press Club's honors for Best Consumer Journalism of 1986. His series for Monitor Radio on the best U.S. cities won the Ohio State Award for 1994.

John has reported from every region of the continental United States. He's also been known to face the other side of the microphone — as press secretary for a U.S. Senate campaign in Maine.