More Resources for Rewriting Heredity

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Martin Begaye, Marwin Begaye , (2007)
Artist Martin Begaye (Navajo) uses altered images from advertising and pop culture to raise awareness of the role of junk food in the diabetes epidemic. For instance, on the distinctive soft drink emblem, he's replaced the words "Enjoy Coca-Cola" with "Enjoy Diabetes." Then there's "Fool-Aid," and "Supersized Angels." It's biting satire — funny and alarming.
The Children's Clinic, The Children's Clinic , (2007)
A community medical clinic for underserved & low-income people in Long Beach, CA and surrounding communities. The clinic works with community organizations to address health care, education, and policy issues of childhood asthma in Long Beach. Clinic director, Dr. Elisa Nicholas, was central in founding the Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma.