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Human Genetic Testing & DNA Analysis

Researchers hope genetic tests can help shed light on disease susceptibility, trace the history of human populations, and identify both crime suspects and victims. Includes: forensics, ancestry testing, direct-to-consumer tests, prenatal testing, predictive testing, and the history of these areas.

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Genewatch, Council for Responsible Genetics , Boston, MA, p.v., (2007)
The Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG) Web site covers scientific, medical and bioethical issues from the perspective of the organization's goals to promote public debate and to advocate for socially responsible use of new technologies. Tables of contents and selected articles are available on the site.
National Cancer Institute, National Cancer Institute , (2007)

This is a very rich and useful site. (For example, check out the many and varied resources on genetic testing and cancer prevention.)


Clairvoyance and Caution: Repercussions from the Human Genome Project, Nancy Wexler , The Code of Codes: Scientific and Social Issues in the Human Genome Project, Cambridge, Mass., p.x, 397 p., (1992)
Nancy Wexler discusses the search for the Huntington's disease gene and the problems of undergoing a predictive test when no prevention or cure is available.