Community Outreach

Utah: Exploring the Genome's Many Faces

KZMU, Moab (90.1 FM, 106.7 FM)

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KZMU is taking advantage of The DNA Files to take look at race, ancestry, genetics and identity. The project will include interviews with scientists, as well as with American Indian, European American and Mormon (Church of Latter Day Saints) participants.

Using ancestry tracing, the project seeks to explore how identity is defined, including what can be learned from the map of the genome. Youth producers will contribute additional programs to the local offerings, helping to attract and engage a broad-based audience with this locally focused, multi-faceted project.

KZMU is a grassroots, community, public radio station located in the small tourist town of Moab, Utah, 120 miles from the nearest city. As an all-volunteer station served by 75 DJs and a part-time staff of three, almost all of their programming is locally originated. Their broadcast area covers approximately 25,000 square miles, including Grand and San Juan counties. While the total number of permanent residents within the two counties is about 22,000, during peak tourist season of April–October, KZMU may be heard by upwards of 25,000 additional people.