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California: Getting the Latino Community Involved

Radio Bilingüe

Radio Bilingüe, Fresno

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Radio Bilingüe will host a gathering of young adults to address matters of science relevant to the Latino community as part of their outreach efforts to support The DNA Files. Locally produced programs will be designed to educate listeners about genetics, encourage them to get involved in clinical trials, and promote interest in genetic research among Latinos.

Production elements will include: a one-hour-long roundtable on the national talk show, Línea Abierta, which will be distributed to Radio Bilingüe’s network stations and affiliates; seven promotional messages that will each air 25 times on their six network stations; and four three-minute news reports.

Radio Bilingüe was founded in 1976 by Latino activitists and farmworkers. It began with one radio station in Fresno, California, and has grown into a network of six full-power FM stations that cover the San Joaquin Valley, the Salinas Valley, the Imperial Valley and Mendocino counties. Its satellite service, Satélite Radio Bilingüe, offers a diverse array of programming to over 90 affiliates in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico. Radio Bilingüe has increased access to its programming via live streaming over the Internet and is the only national distributor of Spanish-language programming in public radio.