Community Outreach

New York: Kids (Adults Too) Discover DNA


WSKG, Binghamton

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Focusing on youth is a major theme of WSKG’s involvement with The DNA Files. Their outreach includes two unique strategies:

  1. Sponsoring ten children from rural school districts to attend a week-long summer DNA science lab; and
  2. Partnering with a local discovery center to design and build a Charlotte’s Web exhibit that will introduce children to scientific inquiry with an investigation of genetics and the role DNA plays in the individuality of all living things.

WSKG expands the national broadcast with five of their own feature pieces that will focus on genetic science and research in their region. The pieces include:

  1. A look at how educators are teaching the concepts of DNA and genetics to students;
  2. A report on how research into bacterial biofilms has led to the discovery of a molecule that may help combat infectious biofilms;
  3. A look at how tree swallows are breeding earlier than ever before and how this change in breeding patterns is another indication of climate change;
  4. A report on how Cornell University researchers have cloned a novel aluminum-tolerant gene in sorghum and how that may allow crops to be grown in acidic soils that otherwise don’t support agricultural efforts;
  5. And a look into a new study at Binghamton University looking at the evolution of drug-resistance in malaria.

The WSKG audience consists of 330,000 households within 21 counties in New York and Pennsylvania. For over 30 years, WSKG has served its communities responsibly with a continuing commitment to education, with programming for children that has no equal, through news and public affairs programming that really matters, and with performing arts and cultural programming that brings the best creations of American and world talent home.