Community Outreach

Illinois: Making Choices about Genetics

WSIU FM 91.9, Carbondale

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WSIU Public Broadcasting is developing several engaging events to promote the national feed of The DNA Files through collaborative efforts with an impressive array of community partners. The approach will focus on three areas: 1) outreach events for children and adults; 2) WSIU-FM locally produced on-air programming; and 3) a cross-promotional “beyond broadcast” initiative with the Illinois State Humanities Council.

As the cornerstone of their broadcast component, WSIU recorded two public events that were held this spring. They will edit the material for future public affairs programming. Genetically Modified Food: What are our Choices? featured a panel of experts and targeted students and community members from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. What would you do?: Genetic Testing and Life Decisions targeted a female audience, with a film screening and panel discussion of testing for the gene mutation that predisposes individuals to breast and ovarian cancer.

WSIU Public Broadcasting reaches over 800,000 households across southern Illinois, southeastern Missouri, southwestern Indiana, western Kentucky and portions of northwestern Tennessee. They operate two analog and two digital public television channels, three public radio stations, a Web site, and an education and community outreach department. While there are broad ethnic, economic and educational differences throughout the primarily rural counties WSIU covers, the station is committed to providing educational outreach events that facilitate learning and discussion that engage all the residents in their service area.