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The medical and technical results of genomic research could have profound effects on society. Includes: the acceptance of new technologies, debates about new technologies, surveys of public opinion, patient advocacy, and the history of these areas.

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Genewatch, Council for Responsible Genetics , Boston, MA, p.v., (2007)
The Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG) Web site covers scientific, medical and bioethical issues from the perspective of the organization's goals to promote public debate and to advocate for socially responsible use of new technologies. Tables of contents and selected articles are available on the site.
Martin Begaye, Marwin Begaye , (2007)
Artist Martin Begaye (Navajo) uses altered images from advertising and pop culture to raise awareness of the role of junk food in the diabetes epidemic. For instance, on the distinctive soft drink emblem, he's replaced the words "Enjoy Coca-Cola" with "Enjoy Diabetes." Then there's "Fool-Aid," and "Supersized Angels." It's biting satire — funny and alarming.